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How excited am I for season 4 of Game of Thrones? Excited enough to throw another themed party? Uh, heck yeah! This is somewhat of an anniversary for me, since my first GoT party also marked the first occasion I started to develop, design, and craft for parties. With a new season comes new projects!

Mini-Iron Throne Centerpiece

The first on my list of decorations was a mini-Iron Throne, fashioned from (super cheap!) plastic sword toothpicks, popsicle sticks (base layer), air-dry clay (2nd layer), sculpey clay (3rd layer; I bought the clay in black and baked my pieces as directed), craft glue (plus patience for each layer of drying), and black & silver spray paint for finishing.

GoT Iron Throne Process

Weirwood Tree

Materials include wood branches/sticks (can be bought at a craft store, but the finds in your backyard will do), white spray paint, red tissue paper for the leaf cutouts and craft glue.

GoT Weirwood Tree Process

House Sigils

The family banners were custom designed, printed, cut out, and then attached to banner stands (made from wood skewers and small wood blocks as the base).

GoT House Sigil Banners-Process

Not pictured in the process of crafting: Viserys’ “Golden Crown” centerpiece I made using a skull sculpture (bought from a Halloween store) and modeling clay spray painted gold. I also found some plastic animal toys (dragons, stags, and wolves) to use for the Iron Throne centerpiece and gave them some gold spray paint-love too. But now *drumroll*…time for the finished party!

Westeros House Banner Placecards

GoT House Sigil Placecards

The “Iron Throne” Table

GoT Party Throne Table

GoT Iron Throne

GoT Party Centerpiece

GoT Lannister Banner

GoT Dragon

The “Golden Crown” Table

GoT Golden Crown Table

GoT Golden Crown

GoT Golden Crown Table-Top View

Weirwood Tree Centerpiece

GoT Weirwood Tree

House Sigil Cupcake Toppers

And of course, what’s a royal dinner without dessert?

GoT Dessert Table

GoT Sigil Cupcakes