Game of Thrones: House Desserts

I am one of the many fans of the Game of Thrones series on HBO, and to commemorate its 3rd season premiere, I threw together a themed dinner party for a few close friends. I love to make crafty things for special occasions and thought this was a fun opportunity to nerd out while awaiting one of my favorite shows to come back on air. Below is the process I went through and the end results.

Party Elements

Using a few of the house sigils, I created some toothpick flags and napkin rings. The designs for each are pretty simple; the napkin holders were 7.5×2″ rectangles and the toothpick flags were 4.5×1.5″ rectangles, which would be folded in half and secured with glue. For the mass army of other flags, I cut out different textures from magazine spreads that matched the color schemes of each house.

Game of Thrones: Napkin Rings Process

Dinnerware & Decorations

We had some turquoise glassware on hand from the 1960s, passed down from my great auntie (known to be a fabulous party hostess in her social circles). I chose a few different gold textures for the napkins, tablecloths, and placemats to make everything feel rich and royal.

Game of Thrones: Napkin Rings

A Feast Begins

Back in the kitchen, I feverishly prepped some of the dishes for the dinner. I love this really simple recipe for mini cheesecakes (using Girl Scout cookies of course). Also on the menu was bruschetta, roasted turkey, mashed taters, and some lovely corn we’re lucky enough to nab from my grandfather’s farm in Ohio.

Game of Thrones: Kings Meal Prep

A Westeros Family Meal

Finally everything came together, and I was super proud to see how cute everything turned out!

Game of Thrones: Tablescape

Game of Thrones: Kings Spread

Game of Thrones: Kings Meal

Stuffed with dinner, beer, and a lot of those tiny cheesecakes, we all sat comfortably like Kings on their Iron Thrones and welcomed the start of the premiere episode.