Seasons greetings fellow internet adventurers! This year my joint holiday card design with Danny Machado was themed around our pirate-eyed cat Simba combined with some of our favorite movie robots. Meet…SimbaBot5000!

Design Process

The Simba Robot Collage

The collage was created by me, using different robot body parts to assemble the SimbaBot.

SimbaBot Collage Process

Final Layout

The background scenery was a collaborative effort; Danny injected the sleeping Simba on the back and the playful warning message on the front. On the back of the card, we decided to challenge our friends’ movie trivia knowledge via the QR code on the back, which links to a chart with the answers (below).

SimbaBot Card Design

Inside Greeting / Typography

Typography designed by Danny Machado (obviously in our native language).

SimbaBot Card Typography

Our lovely final product

SimbaBot Holiday Card FrontSimbaBot Holiday Card InsideSimbaBot Holiday Card Back

SimbaBot Puzzle Answer Key

Here’s the answer graphic I whipped up to show all the components of SimbaBot5000. Merry Xmas to all!

SimbaBot Answer Key