Ahoy there mateys! I blended a few ideas into this boat party theme: the spirit of summer, nautical icons and patterns…and that music video. A little classy, a little trashy, and perfect for an outdoor beer & BBQ bash with pals!

Nautical Icon Banners

Icons designed by yours truly in Illustrator, water stain textured in Photoshop, and printed on cardstock. For filler, I used some striped scrapbooking paper for smaller banners. Once cut & hole-punched, I strung the banners along twine.

Boat Party Banners

Sailor Straw Flags

I used my nautical icons to create a tiny pattern for these tiny paper crafts. Flags are about 5.75″ wide x 0.75″ tall, measured to fit what I *think* is a standard-sized straw.

DIY Boat Party Straw Flags

Assembling the straw flags is pretty easy. Once the flags are cut to size and folded in half, a piece of double-sided tape secures the inside of the flag to the straw. After it’s pressed, you can cut the inward-facing triangle at the end of the flag to complete the look.

DIY Straw Flags

Cupcake Toppers

Created these little nautical icon cupcake toppers by printing the designs on cardstock, cutting out with a 2″ circle cutter, and sticking a 4″ appetizer skewers to the back of the circle cutout with a silver mailing label (you could also just use clear tape, or washi tape if you want to get fancy).

Boat Party Cupcake Toppers

Lifesaver Decorations

I love the Pinterest community. I saw this somewhere along the lines of my research and thought it’d look sweet if the lifesavers also had painted stripes. Note: I used acrylic so these are definitely NOT edible. But, since these would be used on Mason jars that would hold utensils, I figured none of my friends would be chewing them off. At least I think…

Boat Party Lifesaver Decorations

Seashell Candles

Super simple decor to put together. I filled these globe votive holders with a bit of craft store sand, some found seashells from over the years (I knew those would come in handy one day!) and a blue candle. Once the wax starts to melt, it creates a really nice effect of waves washing over the beach.

Boat Party Seashell Candles

Boat Party Deck

This deck was begging to be turned into a boat. I made that dream come alive.

Boat Party Deck Decor

Boat Party Banner Design Detail


Featuring: seashell candles, lifesaver utensil jars, nautical straw flags, mermaid bottle opener, and precisely one pirate patch.

Boat Party Tablescape

Boat Party Straws

Boat Birthday Cupcakes

In keeping with my color scheme, I chose my white chocolate raspberry cupcakes for this one.

Boat Party Cupcakes

Party Photoshoot

Backdrop decorated with a fisherman’s net, starfish, seashells, and my nautical icon banners.

Boat Party Photo Backdrop

I asked my friends to dress up. They did not disappoint. Pirates, sailors, and yacht club, oh my!

Boat Party Photoshoot

Night View of the “Boat Deck”

Boat Party Decor