‘Tis the season for love and crafts! Celebrating a cozy Valentine’s night in at home can still, of course, be fabulous by adding DIY sweetheart touches around the dinner space. I created these romantic Boho-chic decorations with Valentine’s in mind, but the decor can easily go well for any special occasion / romantic night. With a bigger color palette than your average V-day pinks and reds, the decorations can go far into spring and summer too!

DIY Painted Feather Cupid Arrows

The feathers were painted with acrylic of different colors and then glued onto the end of a wood skewer with craft glue. The arrow points (made of gold glitter scrapbooking paper) are glued onto the opposite end of the skewer. For finishing touches, I glued ribbon over the area where the feathers meet the skewer. Pretty easy, Just takes a little patience watching glue dry :P

DIY Painted Feather Arrows

DIY Painted Feathers

DIY Painted Feather Cupid Arrows

DIY Painted Cupid Arrows Centerpiece

Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake Toppers

These cute & easy cupcake toppers were made from toothpicks, gold paper fletching, and glitter heart stickers from a craft store.

DIY Heart Arrow Cupcake Toppers

Cupid's Heart Arrow Cupcake Topper

Cupid's Heart Arrow Cupcakes

Painted-feather Cupid’s Crossbow

I was gifted this little wooden crossbow from a Renaissance fair and always thought it would be sweet as a display piece. Now I found such a great use for it! I painted more of my feathers and glued a variety of them to a wooden dowel, a but more substantial than the skewer.

DIY Painted Feather Arrow Crossbow

Painted Feather Cupid's Crossbow

Heart Garland for Lights

Using the same glitter paper I used for the arrow points, I cut out an assortment of heart shapes out and painted the opposite sides pink. I strung each heart with elastic thread and tied them to the light fixture in my dining room. For some more sparkly effects, I also draped strings of clear plastic beads on the stems of the fixture.

DIY Heart Garland Lights

DIY Heart Garland