The Walking Dead is nearing it’s mid-season finale, so naturally it’s party-crafting time again! Anything to help subdue the anxiety of guessing which of my favorite characters might get killed off! On my list of decorative elements for this party: a prison fence centerpiece, placecards and placecard holders, walker lanterns, and of course…lots of walker cutouts. Time to make friends with the X-acto knife…

DIY Party Crafts

Prison Fence / Walker Centerpiece

I constructed the prison fence using wooden dowels (painted with silver acrylic), grey tulle, hot glue, and silver pipe cleaners to replicate the barbed wire.

Walking Dead Character Placecards & Wooden Cross Markers

I created little crosses (like the ones used to mark every passing of our beloved characters) using clothes pins and popsicle sticks. I broke the edges off the popsicle sticks to create jagged edges and coated all the wood pieces with a watered-down brown acrylic to get a more weathered look.

Walking Dead Placecards DIY

Being a fan of both the graphic novels and the show, I wanted to incorporate both of those worlds into the designs for the placecards.

Walking Dead Card Designs

Walker Lanterns

This was a lot of fun! Starting with a sweet little tutorial from Kelly Wilkinson, I adapted the lantern designs to include the walkers and some bright blood spatter. The spatter created by melted crayon shavings in between the wax paper layers, along with the walker cutouts. Once you iron the wax paper together, the wax creates some really nice textures. Make sure to cover the wax paper with a clean towel before ironing. I used a few different shades of red and black to give the end result more dimension.

Walking Dead Lantern DIY


Finally, all the pieces are coming together! The tablecloth I used was an old, spray painted garage sale sheet sign and on top went newspapers, burlap placemats, stone plates, wooden bowls and napkins tied with twine.

Walking Dead Party Table

Walking Dead Party Rick

Walking Dead Party Daryl

Walking Dead Party Carl

Party Elements

Character Placecards & Wooden Cross Marker Holders

Walking Dead Party Cards 1

Walking Dead Party Cards 2

Prison Fence Centerpiece

The centerpiece idea was a mix of the prison fencing and the walker-infested forest. LOTS of walker cutouts, some sticking out of the “woods” and some taped to the glass vase.

Walking Dead Prison

Finished Walker Lanterns

Walking Dead Lantern

Our survivalist dinner

Sloppy joes and mac & cheese. I imagine this’ll be quite the delicacy during the apocalypse.

Walking Dead Party Food