Sadly the days of Dexter on Showtime are drawing to a close. In order to give the show a proper send-off, I darkly dreamed up a “kill room” dinner party theme and got to work on some graphic placecards and holders, blood slide candy from Instructables, and of course, maniacally wrapping everything in plastic.

Placecard Design

The placecard holders are composed of craft foam balls cut in half, plastic wrap, acrylic paint, and 16 gauge black flexible wire. I also needed something to hold a little weight at the bottom of the foam, and through MacGyver techniques a friend and I discovered that a quarter or two would work swimmingly.

DIY Dexter Party Placecards

Dexter Dinner Party Placecards

Dexter Dinner Party Decorations

Blood Slide Candies

“What’s a Dexter party without blood slides?” one of my friends remarked earlier in the week, so the over-achiever in me had to try the blood slide candy recipe. I made a quick addition to the original recipe by adding a teaspoon of fruit extracts to the mixture after taking it off the stove and before spreading it out on a sheet pan. The slicing of the slides was definitely a trial and error process, but so glad they made it to the table.

Dexter Blood Slide Candy


The details include blood spattered Hydrangea, red goblets and napkins, and some vintage clear dinner plates that made me think of sterile surgeon’s trays.

Dexter Dinner Party Tablescape

Dexter Dinner Party Tablescape

Dexter Dinner Party Blood Spatter Bouquet

Dexter Dinner Party Food

After much hustle and bustle, the kill room was finally ready to be a stuff-your-face room.