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I’m back again for Game of Thrones Season 5! Another season, another party. For the most part, I reused & rearranged pieces I made for last season’s GoT party, adding a few new elements here and there.

Westeros House Sigil Banners

Among the new decorations were new sigil banners, including House Tyrell, House Martell, and House Baratheon of Dragonstone. Original illustrations for Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen designed by Danny Machado. We both used Illustrator to design the polygonal-style sigils and Photoshop for color correction and texturing.

2015 Game of Thrones Party Sigils

2015 Game of Thrones Party Sigil Closeups


Elements: gold-painted toy animals (dragons, wolves, stags), artificial craft fruit of different varieties, red floating candle centerpiece, gold mercury glass votive holders, harvest-themed table runner, bronze & gold tablecloths

2015 Game of Thrones Party Tablescape

2015 Game of Thrones Party Royal Feast

2015 Game of Thrones Party Sigil Placecards

A Feast For Hungry Crows

Elements: Viserys’ Golden Crown skull, toy wooden crossbow, gold rose gift bow, Weirdwood tree, crow statuette, silver pipe cleaner mini-trees, gold floral tablecloth, thrifted gothic candle holder

2015 Game of Thrones Party Snacks

2015 Game of Thrones Party Weirwood Table

Mini Iron Throne

I love this piece. This is also from last year’s post. When it’s not used for parties, it sits around in my living room in all its glory.

2015 Game of Thrones Iron Throne

Decor Closeups

Elements: Another crow + lantern and star votive holder, window treatments (ivy garland, string lights, craft fruit, ribbon), hanging light fixture (ivy garland, silver ornaments, crystal beads), and one dragon dude!

2015 Game of Thrones Party Elements