Way back in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, the first appearance of the white walkers turned my initial curiosity of the show into a fully-hooked attraction. Naturally, with the Night’s King introduced on the show and becoming increasingly significant in this current season, I thought it was time to stop celebrating those fragile Westerosi houses and, instead, dedicate a good ol’ theme party to these bad motherfrosters.

Welcome to A Party of Ice and Ice!

GoT Ice Party Tablescape

GoT Ice Party Theme Elements

GoT Ice Party Table Closeup

Feather Napkin Rings

Materials: Paper towel tubes, blue acrylic paint, some fancy ribbon, black feathers, craft glue

After I cut the recycled tubes down to 2″ tall rings, I slathered on the blue paint and let them dry. Then came wrapping the sparkly ribbon around the tubes and attaching the feathers (securing both with glue). Some more fancy ribbon as a finishing touch, and you have a bona fide cheap dinnerware accessory!

Feather Napkin Rings Craft Process

Feather Napkin Ring

Night’s King “Come At Me Crow” Cake Topper

As a designer, I felt obligated to create a full body illustration of the Night’s King sporting his signature stance from the “Hardhome” episode. Which brings me to the memes. Without the many clever fan reactions, this cake topper banner would not have been possible. Thanks internet!

Night's King Cake Topper

Night's King "Crowconut" Cake

White Walker Designs & Weirwood Place Card Holders

White Walker Designs: I turned these guys into smaller designs to go on this shield-shaped blue cardstock, but also used these as toppers for more sweet treats!

Materials for Holders: Wood slices (I cut these from fallen branches in my yard, but you can find similar stuff at craft stores), wood skewers, white acrylic paint, craft glue

To make a hole in the wood slices, I drilled a small hole down the middle, big enough to fit the skewer. After both wood pieces were painted with a washed out white acrylic, the skewer was glued place.

White Walker Place Cards Design

GoT Wood Placecard Holders

White Walker Ice Krispies

Winter Crows Centerpiece

Materials: Mini pinecones, branches, black feathers, glitter, white acrylic paint, clear acrylic medium, white spray paint, icicle wire branches, 19 gauge wire, mini crow decorations, blue LED fairy lights, vase filler acrylic ice crystals, pheasant feathers

This centerpiece has a lot of different components, but separately each were pretty simple to create. Starting with a base element, I spray-painted a bundle of branches white. The black feathers were glittered and attached to the branches using the 19 gauge wire. The pinecones got brushed with white acrylic and dusted with glitter.

The wood and crystal branches, feathers, and mini crows were arranged in the vase and then positioned onto a square tray. Then came the layering of blue fairy lights, a white cloth to diffuse the light, and the ice crystals and pinecones as decoration around the vase.

Centerpiece Painted Pinecones

Centerpiece Crow Feathers

Centerpiece Crows

GoT Centerpiece Detail

GoT Centerpiece Closeup

GoT Winter Crows Centerpiece

Hold The Door!

Leaving your door open can be a welcoming gesture to your party guests, but I would think twice when beyond the wall, kids. Doors will never be the same. Cheers to another year of having our hearts ripped out!

GoT Party of Ice and Ice